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For as long as I can remember I have loved knowing about the people behind a business. Who where they? What inspired them? How do they motivate themselves, create products, build their beautiful brands? I was fascinated by business - startups in particular, and dreamed of having my own company one day. Weirdly enough, it came as a surprise to myself when I decided to start The Design Juicery, I had always envisioned that the business would come late in life, when I had both experience and money to back the start up I wanted to launch myself into. Yet, at twenty three, only a year out of University, there was absolutely nothing that would stop me from throwing everything I had into creating The Design Juicery, the passion I had for the business was overwhelming, and so TDJ was born.

Despite my love for understanding how other creative business owners operate, run their companies, build their brand, fit in their "normal" lives, spend their weekends, take their coffee - everything, I have shied away from sharing this part of myself. I am naturally a private person, and my business over the years has reflected that. But, I have come to realise that by sharing a little about myself I may be about to inspire the next generation of business owners - whether you are 16 and a mad entrepreneur, or a mother with wild bambinos (such as myself!) I hope this helps!

So a little about myself...

Name: Courteney Johnston

Age: 27

Hometown: Matamata

Family: I grew up in a house full of energy. My parents are Ian and Glenyss, and I have two sisters; Xanthe and Kendall, and a brother; Wyatt. From #1 to #4 there are only four years between us, so we essentially all look the same age (or at least I like to believe so, since I am the oldest...!)

I now also have a beautiful family of my own! Todd and I have two gorgeous children, Cooper who is two, and Florence who is ten months. They are my world and have me laughing, dancing and running my heart out 24/7!

Study: University of Canterbury - Bachelor of Science, Master of Engineering in Management.

Coffee: EVERY DAY! Preferably a Coconut milk latte if I can get my hands on one! Lately I have been sipping our cold brew coffee cashew m*lk colab with Harpoon cold brew - it is amazing!

Non-negotiables; Daily exercise (thank you Kayla Itsines!), green juice, good friends and laughter with my wee family!

Other business owners that inspire me: Holly from Holly Howe Collections, Julia Toner from Mum Bod, Christine from Clean Mixes, Jenna from Oh Natural, Sharna from The Nourishing Baker, The Good Buzz Team, Raw Goodness Girls, Sarah from Perc, just to name a few!

What I would be doing if I didn't do this: This! Nothing would have stopped me!


I absolutely love hearing from new entrepreneurs - please message me on court@thedesignjuicery if you run your own business!